Please Will You Bite Me?

Like any other fan of Paranormal Romance, I am unable to deny the greats who rule this genre. Besides singing the praises of Kresley Cole and JR Ward, what is the major topic that needs to be discussed here? I mean, honestly, their world build is unbelievable, their characters stand out like no others, and the sheer amount of talent it takes to write like either of these two great women is unimaginable. So you ask, why do I myself as a writer try to come into a market that is already taken over with greats? Two words… Book Boyfriends.

After reading about the ultimate tortured soul in Lover Awakened by JR Ward, all I could do was fan myself while reading those scenes. Who doesn’t love Wrath, the ultimate dominant male that you want to take control. Next was Rhage with his “Hollywood” good looks and easy way. Who wouldn’t drop their panties? But when I met Z for the first time, I couldn’t help but think, “Please, will you bite me?” and so I found my first Book Boyfriend. This is where the seed was planted for my own writing. I began to wonder, what would my BB be like? Would he be dark and twisted, on the verge of falling into the abyss of his tortured soul and allowing the darkness to consume him? How would he look? Would his body be imperfect? Having a scar that would only draw the need to care for him?

How do you even write a character like that? The answer was simple. Think of a male character who could bring it all. Dominance, danger, the look of a killer with the heart of a lover; but most importantly, develop a character who makes you want to scream, “Please, will you bite me!” And so my lead character Matteaus began to form, slowly at first. As time when on, though, I knew he couldn’t be Wrath or Rhage or even (sigh) Z. Matteaus needed to be all the things that would draw my attention and even dirtier in the bedroom.

So as my search to add to my collection of Bite Me Book Boyfriends continued, I stumbled upon Lothaire. As I read Kresley Cole’s Lothaire, my list of Bite Mes became that much longer. Any reader who has laid eyes on this book knows that a tall, blond Russian vamp with red eyes is scary as hell. Add the intelligence of a master chess player, and you are pretty much offering your neck up as breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Let’s not forget, Lothaire likes to bite so good in other places too. So in the spirit of maintaining a healthy book boyfriend relationship, please Lothaire will you bite me?

Not only was there pure genius in the diverse character who is Lothaire, but how do you find the perfect match for a centuries old vampire? Kresley Cole did it flawlessly with a redneck from the mountains. I never thought dry humping could be so hot, but she proved me completely wrong. Again, as a writer, it begs the question. How do I write a female character to match my ideal Bite Me Book Boyfriend? That is when I knew who Taylor had to be; she wasn’t a redneck, she wasn’t a vamp. She was a kickass immortal with single mom status in the forefront. What I wanted most of all and what I learned from these two is that readers want to connect with characters. We want to feel and be in a world that isn’t our own. To live for a moment with our perfect Bite Me Boyfriends; and that is what I set out to do in my book “Sinner’s Craving.”

So again, you ask, why write for a genre that is already ruled by the awesomeness of JR Ward and Kresley Cole? Because that is where I found my Book Boyfriends and where I want mine to be. So please, Z and Lothaire, WILL YOU BITE ME NOW?

Megan Elizabeth is author of “Sinners Craving: League of the Fallen: Book 1 which is available now on Amazon.

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