Audiobooks, Writing Ideas, A New Book & An Interview with M.L. Newman

What is the new book about, and where did the ideas come from?

A kiss to remember…

Lauren Benson was enjoying her senior year in college with her roommates and best friend, Taylor. With tension building for midterms, taking advantage of a night of fun to cheer on the school football team was exactly the distraction she needed. However, that was the last night she’d ever be the same again. Lethal creatures are stalking the campus and Lauren becomes a target. Will she be strong enough to resist, or will she simply fade away…

The idea came from wanting to write a paranormal story that no one had ever heard of before. Anything that was known, I flipped the idea on its head and added some spice to keep things interesting. I knew what I wanted to write before I heard Lauren’s voice to accomplish it.

Who do you think the book will please? What kind-of reader?

I believe that readers who enjoy original paranormal storylines will very much be interested in Fade Away. One of the great things about this story is that it touches upon relatable circumstances that most people have dealt with in one way or another. Paranormal readers will love it but even those who aren’t can enjoy it too.

Why did the characters gel for you? What made them work in your mind?

The characters gelled within the stories because it is based on real reactions from college students. There are different types of people and personalities that get along, don’t get along or just pass through your life. Putting Lauren in a situation that is extremely difficult only raised the stakes, allowing the danger that is always there now to be brought to the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Where do you think a scene should end? Is there a point at which you know the scene has ended?

Every scene ends when the message has been conveyed and sometimes that message might just be the ending of a scene. No words or dramatic gestures, just having a scene play out and end abruptly can speak louder.

How do you feel about audiobooks? Are you excited to be working on audiobooks?

I personally like the idea of audiobooks so that those who are commuting can still listen to their books. I am in the process of having my books updated with audiobooks as well. It is a great option to keep readers where they want to be.

Where do you see your writing career heading? What is the end goal for you?

I don’t foresee an end goal for my career in writing. I enjoy doing it and as long as I have interesting and original stories to tell, I will keep writing.

Where can we find the new book?

“Fade Away” is now on release can be found on Amazon.

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